Goodness by the bowlful.
To power through your day you need go-food. Good food. Brain food. And you need it fast. Seed + Sprout is a complete meal in a single bowl. Macro-nutrients to keep your mind and body sharp, thoughtfully sourced and prepared with care. And did we mention pretty? #eatprettygood

Bloom where you’re sprouted.
We’re not down with food waste, plastic or landfills. Our kitchen is ruthlessly efficient, we serve glass-bottled beverages sans straws, and when you’re done eating, our natural fiber food bowl s can go straight into the compost.

Built smart. Husband-and-wife owners PJ and Rachel met doing their Masters in Hospitality Administration at Cornell University. PJ also has a degree from the Culinary Institute of America. Before moving back to PJs native San Diego, they lived, cooked and restauranted in Rachel’s native Zambia. They’re food nerds to the core and proud of the exceptional Seed + Sprout team.